Travel information Safe and healthy on vacation

It is our personal concern to protect your health and that of our employees. Currently, the 2G-Plus rule applies to overnight guests at our hotel. This means that a complete vaccination or recovery and an additional test must be presented upon arrival. Guests are also required to be tested every three days, but no more than twice a week. From November 28, 2021, you can use the public test center in Dünenstrasse for this purpose.

In areas that can also be used by external visitors, such as the fitness and catering areas, the 2G-Plus rule applies as well. Guests whose booster vaccination was at least 14 days ago are no longer required to be tested.

The current Corona regulation can be found here.

At one glance Your stay with us

Your arrival

Your eyes light up in anticipation of the days ahead at the Baltic Sea. With the automatic opening of our large lobby doors you enter your vacation world. Then, you follow the signposted walking direction through our lobby. Thereby, you discover our multiple possibilities to disinfect your hands.

You notice that the lobby is very busy. While you have to wait a few minutes, you enjoy the view of the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea atmosphere captivates you. You snuggle up to your companion and keep a distance of 1.5 m from people who are strangers to you.

Our reception staff welcomes you behind a plexiglass window with a smile. Here, you will be handed the freshly disinfected key card for your room.

The way to your room

On the way to your room, you will discover disinfection stations at every corner, which you will use for your protection. Wearing a mask does not hide your joy for the upcoming vacation. You will meet our staff who can see it in your eyes.

We ensure a safe exploration of our facility by regularly cleaning and disinfecting all public areas. All our disinfection measures are visibly documented for you.

The elevator

After a long day at the beach you come back to the hotel – now it's time to freshen up for the evening. The long day in the sun has worn you out. Therefore, you decide against the stairs and take the elevator. For more privacy, you only enter it with fellow travelers.

In your room

You enter your intensively cleaned, aired and freshly disinfected room. Drop onto the bed and take your mask off. Take a deep breath – enjoy the fresh Baltic Sea air. To minimize the contact between you and our staff, our room cleaning service is available upon request. Please inform our reception about how often you want your room cleaned.

Drinking and dining during your stay

Your breakfast & dinner time begins. You are standing in front of the restaurant. A friendly staff member takes your temperature and assigns you a table. Inside the restaurant, you meet our friendly service staff. You recognize the smile despite the mask on your eyes and you smile back.

At your table, you notice that you have more privacy due to the distance regulation of 1.5 m between the tables. Due to the walking direction at the buffet, as well as in the entire restaurant, the way through the restaurant also seems easier for you.

Wellness and recreation in the hotel

You would like to unwind and decide to spend an afternoon in our SPA and wellness area. You are pleased that the pool/sauna and wellness area is still available to you. Here, too, you will notice signs for compliance with hygiene measures.

You feel sick

You notice in your room that you are sick and have flu-like symptoms and inform the reception immediately. We will be in contact with a doctor and the health department for you. Of course, you will receive all necessary information and medical assistance as soon as possible. While you stay in your room, we will provide you with food and drink several times a day using a contactless room service.

Your departure

Your vacation is over. Fully refreshed, you approach the reception to check out. Remarkable for you is that even when checking out, the employees adhere to all hygiene guidelines and help you in a friendly manner. To reduce contacts, you use the numerous options for contactless payment. When leaving the hotel, you turn around once again. Already at this moment you are looking forward to your next vacation with us.

Coronavirus update

Dear guests of our house,

Due to the current Corona situation, the government of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has adapted the measures for infection control. Based on a traffic light system, at the current warning level red for Vorpommern-Rügen, overnight guests must present a complete vaccination protection or a certified recovery and additionally a test upon arrival (2G plus rule). During your stay, you must be tested every three days, but no more than twice a week. From November 28, 2021, you can use the public test center in Dünenstrasse for this purpose. Guests whose booster vaccination was at least 14 days ago are no longer required to be tested. For more information, please visit the travel information page.

We thank you for your understanding. Stay healthy!

Your team from Grand Hotel Binz

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