Well-being spa Vacation for the senses

In our well-being spa, you can choose from an exclusive range of massages, peelings and soft pack treatments. Look forward to deeply effective relaxation and to simply being able to switch off from everyday life for once.

  • Packs & scrubs
  • Massages

Rügen healing chalk pack

Detoxifying whole-body pack with Rügen healing chalk for muscle complaints and muscle tension.

  • approx. 45 min 49 EUR

Rügen body scrub

A soothing body scrub with Rügen sea sand, algae extract and nourishing sea buckthorn oil.

  • approx. 25 min 28 EUR

Rügen body pack

A nourishing body pack with Rügen healing chalk and sea buckthorn oil.

  • approx. 45 min 40 EUR

Body relax massage

Gentle full body massage to relax and stretch the muscles.

  • approx. 25 min 35 EUR

Back massage

Classic back massage for relaxation, with an oil of your choice.

  • approx. 25 min 39 EUR

Face, head and neck massage

Gentle massage for pure relaxation.

  • approx. 25 min 35 EUR

Full body massage

Classic full body massage with an oil of your choice.

  • approx. 50 min 69 EUR

Foot reflexology

Soothing warm foot bath followed by a foot massage. Activation of your own energy by accupressure of the foot.

  • approx. 40 min 49 EUR

Well-being spa Vacation and wellness belong together

... don’t you think? If you agree, the Grand Hotel Binz on the island of Rügen is the right place for you. You can choose between three spas where relaxation, care and the feeling of being on vacation are in the foreground. The entire wellness area is reserved for guests of our hotel.

From classic full or partial body massages to foot reflexology treatments to herbal stamp and hot stone massages, massage lovers get their money's worth at the well-being spa. Our peelings are just as beneficial to your well-being. We have an aroma and a sea salt peeling on offer for you.

Our spa soft pack treatments are also fully in line with our well-being motto. The various body treatments serve to purify and mineralize. They either consist of algae or essential oils. If you would like to experience even more island-typical relaxation, you should try our body packs made of Rügen sea sand and Rügen healing chalk.

Opening hours

Massages & treatments
daily from 08:00 - 20:00

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